Betrothed to the Wrong Scot (Steamy Scene from Madigan’s POV)

Madigan could understand her anger. Maybe that was the reason he had just spilled out things he had never spoken to another soul. After purging his feelings, however, he did feel some sense of relief. A release of all the pent-up emotions he had kept pushed down for far too long. The relief was tempered with heartbreak, for though he had rid himself of such a heavy burden, nothing would change. Eden would return to the castle, and his life would be as miserable as it was before.

His back was still turned when he heard the splashing of water behind him, and a second later, he felt her slender arms snake around his body. Her breasts pushed into his back, as she embraced him from behind. Both surprised and delighted, Madigan held her arms close into him and soaked in the comfort she was clearly offering. He wanted to relish the moment, but even as he warmed at her closeness, her proximity caused other reactions within him.

Pulling her hands off his body, Madigan turned around to face her. Feeling deep remorse for all he had put her through, he gazed down at her, and said, “I am sorry, Eden. I have done naething but confuse ye since ye arrived.”

Her fingers traced over the wet muscles of his chest. It sent a shiver across his body, and he felt his own arousal growing. She scanned his solid frame, and only then, seemed to notice the injury on his shoulder.

“Ye shouldnae be in the water with that wound,” she said tenderly.

“I dinnae give a damn about my wound,” he growled. Knowing she was inches away and completely naked only fueled his desire. He wanted her. He wanted her more than he had ever wanted anyone ever before. By the passion in her eyes, Madigan recognized that he was not alone, that Eden had a desperate need of him too.

Bringing his finger to her cheek, he tenderly stroked it. She shivered under his touch. He traced a line down her neck, his fingers trailing tenderly across her skin. Eden lifted her hands to his body, brushing them across the surface of his stomach and moving them up his chest. The sensation of her soft fingertips felt like heaven, and as he felt himself grow harder, he wanted her hands to roam all over his body.

Hooking his finger under her chin, he searched her face. The desperate need to take her in that very moment was nearly overwhelming, but he had to make sure. He had to make certain she wanted this as much as he. It was clear, by her parted lips, her shallow breathing, and the pleading look in her eyes, that he was not going to do anything she would object to.

Lowering his head to hers, his lips tenderly brushed against her own. His touch was soft and tender, barely brushing her skin. If they were going to go down this road, he wanted it to be a wonderful experience for her. She was no maid or wench. She was a beautiful and amazing lady, who deserved to be treated like fine china.

Madigan kissed her again, a little more passionately now, but still softly and sensually. Prizing her lips apart, his tongue slipped inside her mouth and roved about. The taste was as sweet as any fresh berry plucked from a bush. Her mouth was warm, and soft, and inviting. It was at that second, he realized he was going to make love to her. But not there. Not in that freezing cold water.

Madigan stepped back, and Eden’s eyes flew wide with surprise. “Stay right there,” he said. A second later, he turned and dived into the water.

His shoulder ached as he swam across the loch, but he barely noticed. His body was alive with anticipation of what was to come, and any pain he suffered now would be completely worth it. Leaving the water at the other side of the loch, he scooped up the pile of clothes he had left there when he arrived, and walked back to where he had left Eden. She watched him at every step, and when he had dropped the pile on the floor, and lay the plaid out flat, he then moved to the water’s edge and offered her a hand.

At first, she didn’t move. Her eyes were wide as she looked at him. But it was not his face she gazed upon, but the hard and erect member of his being that displayed his arousal so proudly. He nearly smiled, for it occurred to him, she had likely never seen one before. Eventually, however, she lifted her hand and took his, allowing him to help her to the grassy bank.

Madigan’s eyes lingered on her nakedness as she moved toward him. He took a steep breath in as he gazed upon her beautiful form; the firm roundness of her breasts, her peaked nipples, her slender waist and rounded hips, all of which only made the desire within him burn even hotter. Leading her to the plaid, he gestured for her to sit upon it. Eden lowered herself down, and Madigan followed. After pulling the plaid around them, he lay down, and taking Eden’s arm, slowly pulled her down to lie beside him.

Leaning on one elbow, and gazing down at her, he watched as her body trembled, Madigan assumed, in anticipation of what was to come. He too, felt his body alive with excitement. It had been a long time since he had been with a woman. He lowered his mouth and kissed her again. Eden lifted her arms to wrap around his neck, but he stopped her, laying each arm down by her side.

“I want tae see ye,” he growled, his thick voice evidence of his want and need of her.

Her cheeks bloomed red as his eyes grazed along her body. Though he understood it, being her first time, she had nothing to be embarrassed about. “Yer so beautiful, Eden.”

His fingers circled around her breast, and immediately, her nipples hardened at his touch. He smiled knowingly and continued to caress the fleshy parts of her soft breast. When his fingers brushed over those pert peaks, Eden gasped in pleasure. The sound made his stomach lurch, and his cock tighten even more. As she moaned under his caress, he said, “I want this tae feel so good, Eden. I want ye tae enjoy it so much, ye beg me for more.”

Moving his fingers to the other breast, he lowered his mouth and suckled on the first. “Och, my God,” she gasped. He twirled his tongue, flicking it over the taut nipple, while noticing Eden’s hips writhe at the sensation. She was aching for his touch, and thus, moving his hand from her breast, he trailed a line down her flat, naked stomach.

He moved slowly, for he wanted her to ache for his touch. He wanted her to experience every single sensation and all the pleasure it brought. Finally, his fingers slipped between her thighs. She felt soft and wet, and his body tremored at her slick arousal. “Och, Eden. Ye are so ready for me. I cannae wait tae taste ye,” he growled.

Lubricating his fingers with her sweet juice, he found her tiny nub, and slowly caressed it. Once again, she gasped and cried. His tongue still circled her nipple, while his fingers went back and forth. Beneath him, Eden arched her back, pressed her head into the ground beneath her, and grabbed the plaid tightly.

The faster he went, the more she panted and groaned. He delighted in watching her climb higher and higher, knowing she was experiencing these ecstatic sensations for the first time. Hearing her pleasure only made him more aroused, and the ache between his thighs was nearly unbearable. But he didn’t stop. He wouldn’t stop. Not until he had made her come.

Her body began to shake uncontrollably as he continued, and then she held her breath, and suddenly, her body spasmed. “Och, my God!” she cried out.

He watched as her body continued to tremor for a few seconds more, and then finally, she settled. With a flushed face, and a sheen of sweat glistening on her skin, her whole body relaxed. He gazed down at her serene expression, and felt pleased with himself. He had been the first man to make love to this woman. The first man to bring her such pleasure. What a privilege that was.

Eventually, she looked up at Madigan. There was a tinge of embarrassment in her expression, but mostly delight and satisfaction. He ached for her now, more than ever. “Yer an amazing woman,” he said. “I want tae make love tae ye so very much.”

She continued to gaze up at him, and then nodded. But even as the desire for her flooded through his very being, he still felt concern. Frowning at the thought of causing her pain, he said, “I dinnae want tae hurt ye, Eden.”

“Ye willnae,” she said, shaking her head.

But of course, he would. She wouldn’t know that, but it was unavoidable if they were to continue. He smiled tenderly. “I will a bit, my darling. But I’ll be gentle. I promise.”

Eden nodded again, and with that final agreement, Madigan positioned himself above her. Even before he was anywhere near her, he trembled. Partly with anticipation, partly with the thought of causing her pain. He continued to gaze at her, watching her reaction intently, and using his hand, he guided himself between her thighs. Feeling her slickness, she opened readily as he slowly entered her.

The sensation was immense, and he groaned as her tight, soft, warmth surrounded him. Still, he watched her. She stretched to accommodate his huge throbbing member, and moving his hips slowly, he slipped further inside. It took all his strength to control himself, for he wanted to lose himself in this woman. His arms shook at the effort.

Slowly, he began moving his hips back and forth. Eden grabbed his shoulders and began to move with him, their rhythm falling in time. It was clear she wanted more, for she raised her hips higher to take him in even deeper.

“Are ye all right?” he panted.

“Aye,” Eden replied. “Dinnae stop, Madigan. Please.”

He moved his hips a little faster. It was bliss as he slipped deeper inside of her with each thrust. He was losing himself now, and he growled with the intense pleasure that flooded through him. Rocking back and forth, he could feel her tighten around him as she climbed with him. Gripping his shoulders, she panted, and thrusted her hips up to meet him. Madigan let go then, and plunging deeply into her, he felt the pressure building, the pleasure rising, the ecstatic sensation climbing to the stupendous climax.

Eden winced, but she pulled him into her. Though Madigan could not have stopped now if he wanted to. She gripped him from the inside, her eyes widened, and her head pressed into the plaid beneath her. She was ready, and with another thrust, she let out a yell of delight and pleasure. As she pulsed around him, squeezing the love out of him, Madigan finally let go, and with a mighty roar, emptied himself inside of her.

Sometime later, they lay close together, Madigan’s arms wrapped protectively around her. Few words had been spoken between them, but being in such bliss after their experience, no words were necessary. He could hear the sound of the water gently lapping at the edge of the loch, birdsong floating across the air, and the leaves on the branches above them lightly rustling, dancing on the gentle breeze.

All the anticipation leading up to the moment they were together had been worth it, for Madigan could not have wished for anything more. He had opened his heart to her earlier, and now, after their time together, he knew what he wanted with firm conviction. He wanted to be with Eden for the rest of his years, and by her obvious delight, he could only assume she wanted the same.

“Are ye all right?” he asked, his voice as husky and deep as it had been earlier.

“Aye. I’m fine.” She answered quickly, and her voice was too high for it to be the truth, but Madigan was uncertain what to do with that. She wasn’t referring to their love-making. He knew that much. Perhaps, now it was all over, she, like him, was thinking of their future.

It was something they would need to discuss in depth, but not here, and not now. Instead, he sighed contentedly. Pulling her close to him, he said, “Ye really are an amazing woman, Eden McDonald. I cannae believe ye have walked intae my life.”

“Nor can I,” she replied. “I’m also happy that it was ye.”

He was a little confused at her meaning. “Me?”

“Ye ken. My first experience,” she said, sounding a little embarrassed.

Those words only made his heart soar even more. He too, was glad that he had been the first man to bring her such delight, and pleasure, and satisfaction. He felt proud that she had been untouched by another. Not that it would have made much difference. But there was something pure about being with a woman who was so innocent. Besides, he had reveled in watching her experience such new and dizzying delights for the first time. He had delighted even further in the fact that he had been given the honor of doing such.

He pulled her into him and kissed the top of her head. “Ye dinnae ken what that means tae me. Nae that I was the first, but that it makes ye happy.”


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