Her Highland Sinner – Bonus Scene

Erin’s words were a breath of fresh air, dragging him out of the haze of misery he’d fallen into. Her smile as she coaxed him toward the edge of the loch was pure seduction, as if she’d been playing the game for years, and the sight of her lithe body, naked and calling to him, set his blood on fire.

Marcus stripped out of his clothing as fast as he could manage and chased after her. Both of them were laughing as he pounced on her at the water’s edge and swept them both into the loch.

The water was frigid, but even that couldn’t completely cool his blood, or shrink his swelling erection, not when Erin was in his arms and splashing water at him with a mock indignant shriek. “Ye brute!”

He smirked at her. “I thought ye wanted tae wash away the weariness.”

“Wash away, aye. Nae freeze tae death!” She shuddered. “’Tis bloody cold, and ye ken it.”

With a smile, he caught her and dragged her close, so she could feel his stiffening manhood and he could feel the warmth of her pressed against him. “Would ye like me tae warm ye up?”

A fortnight ago, such words would have made her blush like the maiden she was. A season ago, they probably would have earned him a slap, if not another impromptu demonstration of her fighting skills. But not now.

Now she was as confident in her womanhood as she was in her skills as a warrior. Confident enough to turn in his arms, so the peaks of her soft breasts were pressed against his chest, her flat belly against his, and the soft fine hairs that covered the entrance to her sex were rubbing against his rigid manhood, sending little sparks of sensation through his body with every movement of the water and their bodies.

The sensation, coupled with her sultry smile and the way she leaned up to murmur “I might enjoy that” in his ear made him yearn to lift her into his arms and bury himself into her body right there. He wanted to wrap her thighs around his waist and pull her down to cover his body, then guide her to ride him to the motion of the waves until they were both spent.

But the water was too cold for him to take his time with her, the way he wanted to. He never wanted his time with Erin to be rushed.

“Temptress,” he lifted her into his arms, and turned back to shore.

In response, she stretched up to nibble on his neck in a move he’d showed her. The sensation of her lips teasing the line of his throat nearly undid all his efforts at control, especially when she nipped his ear and whispered “I learned from the best.”

“I’ve nae taught ye everything yet, lass,” he swept them both onto the banks of the loch and laid her down in a thick carpet of grass, making sure to pick a place where there were no rocks.

He could spend a lifetime tracing every line of her body, teasing her into an inferno, but his aching shaft demanded release, and the cool wind chilled both their wet bodies.

Gently but firmly, he pushed her thighs apart so that her most vulnerable places were exposed and open to his gaze. His thumbs stroked through the soft hair that covered her entrance, already going from water dampened to slick with her arousal. He toyed with the strands, watching her face as he wound his fingers through them, twining the strands in his hands before delivering the lightest of touches and tugs to them to stimulate the soft, sensitive flesh beneath.

Erin’s expression was open and pleading as he toyed with the fine hairs. When she was quivering with need, her hips shifting restlessly beneath his hands, he used his thumbs to gently separate the lips of her sex so that her inner folds were open to his touch, to his heated gaze.

Just seeing her like this, naked and ready for him made his blood burn, his shaft aching with heat and hardness in spite of the cold wind.

He leaned forward, watching her body and her face as the tip of his manhood touched her entrance, the rest of him leaning back so he could see every inch of her from her face to her thighs, spread wide to embrace his larger form as he held it there, just barely touching, giving neither of them what they most awaited.

His body ached for her, and everything within him cried out for him to sink into her heat and claim her in one quick movement. He forced himself to wait, to let the heat and the desire build for both of them, until she looked up at him with a pleading expression. “Marcus…”

His reach was long enough that it took only a slight shift of his weight to be able to caress her face and still keep himself in position, as well as keeping her open for him while he spoke to her in loving tones, letting his voice seduce and caress her body as much as his hands could ever do.

“I want tae see ye as ye take me in, as I claim ye. Yer face, and every expression ye make. I want tae see ye as ye lose yerself with me.”

“Yer body…” He shifted his hand with deliberate slowness and traced a line down her center, briefly teasing her already taut breasts before he slid his palm across her belly to caress the quivering muscles there. He slid his fingertips over every sensitive spot she had, every pleasure point he could reach, and dipped a finger briefly into her navel as he continued to let his words wash over them both. “Every shiver, every movement, every single thing me touch does tae ye.”

“And I want tae watch as ye take me in, yer body sheathing mine as I sink intae that tight, velvet heat o’ yers, already wet and waiting fer me…”

He aligned the tip of his member a little more with her entrance, stopping when he was poised just inside the outermost lips of her sex and teasing them both. The pressure, the urge to plunge forward into that velvet channel was almost unbearable. The stimulation of the simple act of waiting was enough to drive both of them mad, and he drank in every movement as she squirmed and tried to urge him forward, or to engulf him.

Finally, when the waiting grew impossible, and he knew he was on the verge of breaking, every muscle trembling with need, he began to slide forward and sheath himself inside her.

Her inner folds slid over him, inch by inch, wrapping him in the tight, velvet heat of her inner core. Every twitch of her hips, every shift of his body, caused those muscles to flex around him, and sent lightning dancing through his body, from the tip of his shaft to his core.

Through it all, he watched her face, watched her body welcoming him inside her, his own personal miracle there before him. He drank in the sight like a man dying of thirst drank water, his whole body reveling in the sight, in every expression she made, every sign of her obvious desire for him.

Finally, he was where he wanted to be, pressed inside her to the hilt. The soft, delicate globes of her buttocks pressed against his bollocks, and he shifted, feeling the tightness and the heat of her body like coals burning in his blood.

Only then did he allow himself to lean forward to caress her with his hands, letting himself worship her body and enjoying the sensations as both of them moved in time to their panting breaths and every shift of his weight. He slid his hands across her thighs, and felt how she shifted to widen her opening and draw him deeper still.

He slid his hands under her body to caress her buttocks more fully, kneading the flesh and feeling how she quivered and shivered around him, every movement of their slow dance teasing both of them mercilessly.

He wanted to hear her beg for him. He wanted her surrender. He wanted her to speak her desires, so he could grant them. He wanted everything, and he was willing to take as much time as he needed to achieve his desires, even if he felt like he was going up in flames inside. The burning inferno of his own desire and need only heightened his pleasure.

He slid his hands up the sides of her belly, to trace idle patterns over her ribs and the lines of her abdominal muscles as she shifted restlessly underneath him.

He leaned forward slightly to tease her breasts, and she gasped, her whole body pressing up into his as his member moved inside her. Her voice was a breathy cry. “Marcus…”

“Aye?” His voice was soft, husky, and he watched how it made her eyes widen and her face flush with heat and desire.

“I need…” Her arching body, seeking more of him, said what her words failed to.

He wanted to hear her say it, to say that she desired his touch, the mark of his claiming, above all others.

“Need what?” He bent his head to smirk at her, enjoying the pleasurable torment as lightning danced through him with every small movement. “Tell me what ye need, Erin. Tell me what ye want. Is it me kisses? Me hands on ye? Me mouth on ye?”

“I need ye… tae move.” Her voice was strained.

He smirked, the spirit of mischief guiding his actions as he slowly and sensually slid one palm across her side to fondle her breast and toy with the nipple. “Like this?”

She whimpered. “I need ye tae… move… inside me…” She arched her hips into his to get a reaction, and it took everything he had not to respond as she tried to get some leverage to move. “Please…”

“Ye want me tae touch ye there?” He slid his hand between them to tease her pleasure center and stroke the folds of her body, wrapped tight around his shaft. Erin shivered around him, hips flexing helplessly as she wordlessly begged for more stimulation, for his body to caress her most secret places, deep within her.

And finally, the words he had waited to hear. “I want ye tae claim me…”

“Ah…” He shifted to get a better purchase on the damp grass, then drew his hips back, before he thrust deep inside her once again. “Ye mean like this?”


“As me lady commands.”

His whole body begged for him to drive into her. He gritted his teeth and forced himself to set a moderate pace, mindful of the slightly slick ground under his knees as he slid into and out of her.

The heat blazed higher, blazed hotter, until he could no longer fully control it, and found himself speeding up despite his intentions. Beneath him, Erin’s eyes were closed with ecstasy, her body moving with his as her own pleasure claimed her.

Everything narrowed to the feel of her body around his, those velvet-hot walls that flexed in time with his movements and welcomed him with each thrust. His whole body was an inferno of heat and pleasure, more than he’d ever experienced with anyone else.

He could feel how close she was in the quivering of her muscles, hear it in the ragged breaths she was taking, and see it in the dazed, desperate look in her eyes.

He bent forward to whisper “Come for me lass.” Then, acting purely on impulse and the memory of what her actions had done to him earlier, he nipped her earlobe.

Erin stiffened with a cry as she climaxed, and her inner walls clenched around his shaft, sending a sensation through him like being hit with an arrow of flame.

His rhythm slipped and lost pace as her body rocked and clenched around him, the fluids of her release washing over his shaft. Then another shock of pleasure raced through her, and the walls of her channel clenched again and drew his release from him. His body tightened, and he surrendered to the fire as his climax swept over him. He felt his seed pumping into her welcoming body, both of them trembling together as wave after wave of pleasure swept through them.

Then the heat and pleasure was too much for him, and the tide of his release carried him away with Erin in his arms as the world dissolved into white heat.


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