Ravishing a Highland Healer – Bonus Scene

“I’m happy tae help ye in any way I can,” Domnhall promised Billie. “What else concerns ye?”

For a few moments, Billie remained silent, drawing her bottom lip between her teeth as she looked around. It seemed to him that she feared someone could hear them, but there was no one there but the two of them.

“I… am nervous about our weddin’ night,” she said. “I was sincere when I told ye I’ve never been with a man an’ I… dinnae ken…”

Domnhall should have expected this, he thought. It was only natural for Billie to be worried, like brides tended to be, but her screams that night would be ones of pleasure, not pain.

“Dinnae fash. I’ll ensure ye enjoy it.”

They were in a secluded enough place, and so Domnhall took the opportunity to push Billie against the wall, in the shadows of the bushes around them. Once her back met the stone wall, she gasped, and Domnhall leaned closer to kiss her, his tongue seeking hers as his hands came to rest on her hips, grabbing the plush curves beneath her dress.

He didn’t think he would ever get enough of her. The feel of her against him, even with so many layers separating them, was intoxicating. No woman had ever provoked such a primal reaction in him before. No woman had rendered him so mindless by the mere sight of her body, his hands craving to touch and his lips to kiss every inch of her.

Instantly, Billie pulled him closer, rolling her hips against his own in a way that had Domnhall gasping. He was already hardening, his manhood twitching desperately against her thigh, his desire thrumming through his veins.

“Are ye that eager, lass?” Domnhall asked once he broke the kiss to draw in a breath. One of his hands trailed up her stomach teasingly, the tips of his fingers brushing against her nipple through the fabric. His hand itched to pull down her neckline and expose her breasts to him, to let his lips wrap around the nub and suck until she begged for more, but he limited himself to rubbing small, slow circles over her. “I thought ye were concerned about this.”

“I want ye,” Billie said, breathless and just as desperate as he was. Her cheeks had turned a charming pink in the dark, a flush that spread down to her chest and beckoned him closer. “Please, Domnhall.”

The feast was still going strong in the great hall. Domnhall could hear it from the window above them, the music and the conversations flowing. He didn’t care, though. All he wanted was to bury himself in Billie, to kiss and lick and thrust until they were both utterly spent and satisfied. Taking her hand, he led her through the castle while making sure that they wouldn’t cross anyone on their way. The last thing he wanted was to be stopped by a guest or a guard on their way, and so he rushed, almost running through the corridors.

When they were finally in his chambers, Domnhall wasted no time before he grabbed her once more. His hands roamed all over Billie’s body, squeezing and caressing her curves as his lips found her neck, pressing soft kisses on the delicate skin. When her fingers tangled in his hair, he moaned softly, teeth grazing over her neck, his manhood throbbing with need.

He needed to be inside her. He needed to taste her, to feel her skin against his own.

Domnhall’s fingers fumbled with the laces of Billie’s dress, the tiny things frustrating him. He had never seen the need for such complicated garments, and now it seemed to him that they were his greatest enemy, hiding Billie from his gaze. In his impatience, he all but tore the clothes off her, pulling everything down until it pooled around her ankles, her body finally bare.

She was just as beautiful as Domnhall had thought—as he had remembered from that first night when he had first caught a glimpse of her. Before he could take his fill, though, Billie brought her arms in front of her, trying to hide herself from him.

Domnhall wouldn’t have that.

Taking her hands in his, he brought her wrists to his lips and kissed them gently. “Let me see ye,” he said, enjoying the swell of her breasts, the pink nipples that had hardened to peaks in the chill of the air, the curve of her hips and her mound. “So bonnie, Billie.”

All Domnhall wanted was to plunge between those legs, to feel her come undone on his tongue. He took her to the bed and made her sit on the edge, pushing her legs apart and settling between them with a satisfied sigh as he gazed at her opening. He leaned closer to press a soft kiss on her stomach, then the underside of her breast, and then finally he took her nipple in his mouth, teeth nibbling gently on it.

The sounds Billie was making for him were like music to his ears, soft, eager moans that went straight to his groin. Though she tried to close her legs, Domnhall held them firmly open, his hands caressing her soft skin and drawing pleas out of her lips.

Domnhall gave all his attention to her breasts, scattering kisses all over them and sucking at the swell of them, trying to find all her most sensitive spots. It didn’t take long for her to get impatient, arching into his mouth and moaning shamelessly, begging for more.

“I’ll get ye wet an’ open fer me,” Domnhall said, as he reached between them to tease that spot he knew would give her pleasure. “An’ then I’ll only take ye when ye beg me.”

With gentle hands, Domnhall pushed Billie down onto the mattress and kissed his way down her body, his hands following the same path. He threw her legs over his shoulders and for a moment, he only breathed over her mouth, letting the anticipation build.

A moan tore through him when he finally tasted her for the first time. It was so intimate, his head cradled between her thighs, his tongue pressing up against her heated flesh. He licked into her, pinning her down when she tried to move, and tried to ignore how painfully hard he was, more aroused than he could ever remember being.

For a few moments, Domnhall busied himself with that sensitive nub, closing his lips around it and sucking hard just to hear Billie scream his name. Then, he flicked the tip of his tongue over it again and again to feel her shake under him, her entire body trembling.

“Ye’re already wet fer me, are ye nae, mo ghraidh?” Domnhall said as he brought one of his hands to her folds and gathered some of her wetness. It drove him crazy, how slick she already was, how much she wanted him. “I’ve been thinkin’ about this ever since we met. I’ve wanted naethin’ more than tae watch ye come apart on me mouth, me fingers.”

Chuckling softly at Billie’s whine, Domnhall pressed his fingers against the opening until her flesh gave, allowing him to slip inside. He couldn’t help but groan as he imagined sinking into her with his length, at how tight she would be around him, her body taking him all the way in.

“Dae ye like it when I tell ye how wet ye are?” he asked, watching as his fingers disappeared inside her. Billie nodded furiously, her skin a lovely pink, heated from her desire. It was the most beautiful sight Domnhall had ever seen, and he couldn’t take his gaze off her, hungrily staring at the mess she was making between them.

“Domnhall… please,” Billie said as she reached for him, hands holding onto his shoulders. “Please… I cannae—”

“I ken, mo ghraidh,” Domnhall assured her. He couldn’t take it any longer either, so he reluctantly pulled back with one last pump of his fingers to discard his clothes quickly.

When Billie reached for his manhood, he was surprised, but certainly not displeased. He liked it that she wasn’t as afraid anymore, that she was more eager than either of them could have thought. She stroked him slowly and Domnhall let out a soft sigh, nodding to spur her on as he wrapped his hand around hers and guided her.

“Just like this,” he said breathlessly. Her soft skin felt like heaven around him, the wetness on his hand from when he was pleasuring her earlier easing the glide.

“Take me,” Billie said, leaning back and pulling him between her legs. “Please, Domnhall… I’m ready.”

Domnhall spared a moment to look for any signs of hesitation in her, but he found none. He took himself in his hand and guided himself to her opening, pushing inside with as much restraint as he could muster. He had to go slow, to let Billie get used to him, and so he held his breath and moved slowly until he was buried all the way inside her. He felt her barrier give away, heard her gasp and then it was as though he couldn’t breathe at all, for he was all the way inside her.

“Ye’re mine now,” he whispered in her ear.

Billie was so tight around him, so hot and wet and perfect, looking up at him with wide eyes, her rosy lips open in a moan. Domnhall relished it, making love to her slowly and feeling every drag of flesh against flesh, every shudder of her body around him. Her breasts moved tantalisingly beneath him with every thrust, her legs held him impossibly close, and Domnhall knew he wouldn’t last.

Before he reached his end, though, he needed to please her. He needed to feel her come apart.

“Domnhall, I… I will…”

Billie was close, he could tell, writhing under him. Domnhall gripped her hips and ground against her, letting her feel him deep, filling her up completely.

“Come fer me, Billie, come fer me,” Domnhall whispered in her ear again and took her lips between his for a passionate kiss. It was all it took for her to reach her climax with a choked-off moan, her walls clenching around him in a way that drove him mad with lust.

“Ye are so tight around me, mo ghraidh, so wet and tight.”

He was so close to release. It only took him a few more thrust, these ones faster and erratic, before he finally spilled inside her with a groan, his pleasure washing over him. There was little he could do then other than try to catch his breath as his manhood gave one last twitch, his hips rolling lazily through the aftershocks.

Once he caught his breath, he leaned in for a kiss, smiling against Billie’s lips.

“How was that?” he asked her, though he already knew the answer.

He was still inside her and he was reluctant to move. He wanted to keep Billie close, to hold her and kiss her and take her again and again, just to watch her lose herself in her pleasure.

“Ach, I suppose it was alright,” Billie teased with a smile. Domnhall stared at her in disbelief for a moment before he bit her shoulder in retaliation.

He had all night to get her to admit how good it was.


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